Learn from experts

Express English 412 is meant to bridge the gap between expensive large group classes, extremely expensive private lessons, and free community resources with (often) untrained instructors. 

Founder and lead instructor, Kimmy Rehak, has been helping people from all over the world learn English. Don't let her young looks fool you - she has been doing this for over 18 years! Kimmy started this business because she wanted to create a comfortable environment and a fun curriculum to help English learners with their speaking.  


Kimmy is passionate about curriculum development as well as course & assessment design and works in educational management. She is a doctoral student in curriculum development and instructional design and has master’s degrees in second language acquisition and public policy and management (focusing on educational policy).


She received an IELTS examiner certification in Dubai and has been a test writer for the US and the UAE governments in addition to the folks that bring you the TOEFL and the TOEIC tests.

Kimmy partners with highly-qualified colleagues who are similarly passionate about language teaching and providing affordable access!

Why 412?

412 is the area code for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - where we are located.




We aim to create a safe, comfortable space for people to practice their language skills and make mistakes without fear of judgment. By the way, we ♥ mistakes.

By sharing the skills and tricks necessary to improve fluency, students' confidence in their abilities should skyrocket in the process.

We also want to make sure we provide our students with the vocabulary that they need to improve. Most of our lessons incorporate a mix of idioms, slang, and academic and/or business vocabulary.

Finally, we think that it can be quite stressful to think of an hour's worth of things to talk about. By sharing the lessons with a small group, some of the burden is lifted. Plus, students might end up meeting a new friend or two.

We want students to take charge of their learning by making it fun. While we are serious about getting our students results, we do not think that we have to be so serious to make that happen.